Body Cooling Towel

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INUTEQ-PVA evaporative cooling technology is made from highly absorbent and evaporative material. Products with this technology will be activated by soaking in water for 1 minute then wring out the excess water, then ready to use. The products will cool you down for several hours.

The INUTEQ-PVA evaporative products are machine-washable and antibacterial.

Works best in low-medium humidity environments. The more airflow, the better you feel the cooling effect.

Activation is easy. Before the first use soak the towel in warm water for one minute and let it dry completely. Then soak the towel again in clean water for one minute and gently squeeze out any excess water. Your towel is now ready for use, and will keep you comfortably cool for several hours. For storage, keep your towel in the special storage tube.
It can be stored damp or hung to dry.  The towel becomes stiff when it is dried completely.

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