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INUTEQ H2O® evaporative cooling technology is a super absorption cooling fabric offering both the highest standard in evaporation cooling and economical pricing for all.

Our INUTEQ H2O® products are activated by soaking them in water. Excess water is easily squeezed out and they are ready to wear. Depending on the humidity and airflow, the products will cool you down for 2 up to 8 hours up till max. 15°C below the ambient temperature.

All of our INUTEQ H2O® evaporative products are machine-washable and anti-bacterial. The INUTEQ H2O® cooling vests are developed with a water-repellent liner to keep the inside dry. INUTEQ H2O® can be worn up to 55 degrees Celsius.


1&2.  Hot outside air vaporizes water
3.     Evaporation extracts heat
4.     Surface cools down
5.     Fabric cools body